Tom Waits, I Love You

Only this year, after my 78th birthday, did I discover Tom Waits.  Now I’m in love and it’s too late.  Tom is probably happily married and too old for this, anyway.  I’m not married, but I’m sure too old.

I’m spellbound by Tom’s gravelly, singing voice  In YouTube videos, I watch him dance on the stage like a kid, leaping into the air with the mike.

You know that Tom Waits loves women. Not in a macho way. In a soft, soulful way.  Listen to “Ole 55” or “Martha” or “Rosie.”  Any woman can hear it.  The melody and chords join the words tenderly.

Tom is outrageous, funny.  You see the rascally kid in him.  But he’s an old soul, too.  His genius makes him the sexiest man I know.

Tom Waits, I love you.

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