Thanks, All you Myers-Briggs Personalities

MBTI TraitsWe thank each of the Myers-Briggs types this holiday season. Their gifts differ in unique ways, but they are all precious.

INFJ — Compassionate
Thanks to INFJs for making us feel worthwhile and appreciated. When we’re in your company, we feel heard and seen.

Thanks to ENFJs for your compassion, wit, and ability to lift our spirits. You’re always there to help us when we need it. Often you recognize our needs before we do.

Thanks to INFPs for your quiet depth. You help us get in touch with emotions that confuse us. You are ready to lend us your strength when we need it.

Thanks to ENFPs for bringing joy into our lives. Your creativity is intense and passionate. You make every day exciting.

Thanks to ESTJs for your determination and commitment to an orderly life. We lean on you when we need help. We depend on your ability to bring harmony to chaotic situations.

Thanks to ISFJs for your warmth. Your endless reserve of compassion and determination takes some of the weight of the world off our shoulders.

Thanks to ESFJs for caring for others. You extend yourself to people in difficult situations before thinking of yourself.

Thanks to ISTPs for your quiet patience. Your ability to solve practical problems and your relaxed approach to life show us the importance of taking each moment as it comes.

Thanks to ESTPs for your charisma and ability to make life exciting. When we participate in your adventures, we feel blessed. Your ability to pull yourself out of tough spots amuses us.

Thanks to INTJs for your thirst for knowledge, your cleverness, and your wit. You constantly search for new information and understanding.

Thanks to ENTJs for your leadership skills, determination, and energy to forge ahead, overcoming all obstacles. Your work ethic is an inspiration.

Thanks to INTPs for your wisdom and honesty. Your intuition and insights are amazing. Your honesty is refreshing and helps keep the lines of communication open.

Thanks to ENTPs for your inquiring mind and the way you’re always on the lookout for new possibilities in our lives and your own. You encourage us to take a deeper look at things.

Thanks to ISTJs for your hard work and loyalty. We know that if we need you, we can trust you as we can no other. Many people depend on your reliability.

Thanks to ISFPs for your warm and caring heart. You can always see the good in people and remain kind in every situation.

Thanks to ESFPs for your help in making our lives fun. You can transform work into play. You keep everyone smiling with your ability to find joy in the simplest moments of life.

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