Dog Meets Skunk—What To Do

However upsetting it is for your dog to be sprayed by a skunk, it’s not a medical emergency—even though it may be painful. The dog’s eyes may be irritated and even become temporarily blinded. You may be able to smell the dog a mile away, but think about the poor victim! He or she must […]

Little Girl Voices

Some young women routinely talk in a girlish tone of voice. Their voice is sing-song, they speak in a breathy way, and their statements end on a questioning note. They seem to be eternally smiling, no matter how serious the subject at hand. Their body language has an impish quality—soft and demure. They sound like […]

Sexual Harassment—What Is It?

With the wide range of media stories about famous men losing their jobs because of sexual harassment, you may ask yourself, “What is sexual harassment, anyhow?” Stories of sexual harassment are everywhere these days, but to date they have been largely confined to men as the perpetrators and females as their victims. The Equal Employment […]

Overpopulation—A Personal Problem?

A friend sharing personal information at a party recently told me that he has seven children—ages 50 to 65. What reaction was he expecting? Certainly not the one I was experiencing. My husband and I would have liked more, but even then—back in the sixties—we were aware of overpopulation and decided to stop at two. […]

Skating on the Job—A True Story

It’s the Christmas holidays, and the CEO of Ross Laboratories has announced that all employees will report for work the first Saturday of the New Year. It has something to do with snow days the previous December. Since the Ross payroll consists of hardworking Midwesterners who do what they’re told, few employees grumble. I, on […]

How To Tell When Someone Is Lying

Behavioral analysts who study the words and behaviors of liars emphasize that baseline observations are crucial. How does the person speak and act under ordinary circumstances? Departures from normal behavioral patterns often give important clues to the honesty of a person’s statements. If the person is somewhat shy and usually avoids confrontation, the person may […]

How To Relieve Depression

If you suffer from depression, your condition is not hopeless, although it usually feels that way. You may  be surprised by the number of antidotes there are to combat the condition. Daily Activities Daily structure and purpose. Many therapists recommend lists for depressed people—items to be accomplished during the day. This exercise gives structure to […]

Common French Words and Phrases

  English French Pronounciation Yes Oui wee No Non nong Please (if you please) S’il vous plait seel-voo-play Thank you Merci (madame/monsieur) mair-see (mah-dahm/mer-seer) Yes, please Oui, s’il vous plaît wee, seel-voo-play No, thank,you Non, merci nong, mair-see You’re welcome De rien duh ree-ong Here is/are Voici vwah-see There is/are Voila vwah-lah Hello Bonjour bong-zhoor […]

Johari’s Window

The Johari Window is a psychological model that was designed for use in self-help groups to help members become more intimate with their peers, while at the same time learning to become more honest with themselves. The concept helps people understand the extent of their self-awareness compared to how others perceive them.  It was developed in […]

The Blame Game

Are you prone to playing the “blame game” when something goes wrong in your life? Do you have friends or relatives who do it? There are lots of synonyms for “blame”—for example, “hold responsible or accountable”, “condemn,” “accuse,” “find guilty,” “assign fault,” or even “point the finger.” If you automatically blame your partner when you […]

Coyotes Everywhere

A woman in Fernandina Beach, Florida, says she is “very very” concerned about coyotes in her neighborhood. Just outside her bed and breakfast establishment, she has seen packs of as many as three coyotes, often mistaken for dogs. After one of her cats went missing not long ago, she keeps the remaining cats inside overnight. […]

Depression Profiles—INFJ vs. INFP

The Myers-Briggs types INFJ and INFP are affected by depression more than most other types. Both are Introverted (I), intuitive (N), and feeling (F). This means that they have a compassionate nature, see the underlying meaning of events around them and have trouble shielding themselves from the pain of others, particularly in the face of […]