Dream Travel—Rollerskates, Elevators and Other Transportation

When I used to dream of flying, I could lift myself slowly off the ground by sheer will, to the amazement of spectators below.  It was risky, though. Staying aloft depended on my confidence.  At the slightest trace of anxiety, I lost altitude. Another danger was telephone lines.  Flying into them meant instant death. Then […]

Dholes–The Asian Wild Dog

Dholes, a handsome breed of wild dog native to Asia, are divided into subspecies. One type has white fur around the muzzle, on its chest and in its ears. The other is reddish brown all over .  Dholes weigh about the same as border collies but their bodies are leaner and their legs longer.  The dhole […]

Inertia–Getting Stuck

Why is it so hard to stop doing one thing and start another?  Even when I dislike the thing I’m doing? My inertia baffles me. I sometimes lie in bed in the morning reliving dreams of the night before. It’s a miserable way to spend time, but I’m hooked on the drama.  I know that […]

South American Bush Dog–Smallest of the Wild Dogs

The smallest of the wild dogs is the South American bush dog, weighing in at less than 15 pounds.  No bigger than a terrier, it has a solid little body and short legs. The bush dog is built low to the ground so it can dart through the underbrush of the rainforest without being seen. […]

The Dingo Dog–Wild Dog of Australia

Australians are proud of their dingo dogs. The species is unique to their homeland and is rarely, if ever, found elsewhere. Normally, dingoes live in the Outback–a vast arid region covering most of inland Australia.  They avoid human settlements.  In times of drought, however, the dogs are forced to migrate in search of water and […]

The Painted Dog–Wild Dog of Africa

The wild dog of Africa is best known as the Painted Dog. You can see why.  With their bright spots and big round ears, these dogs can’t be missed as they travel in packs through the savannah. Another term for them is the Cape Hunting Dog. Their stride and confidence say, “Don’t mess with us.”  […]

Raccoon Dogs–Wild Dogs of Asia

Doesn’t this look like a raccoon? The animal in the photo isn’t even related to a raccoon.  It’s called–you guessed it–a raccoon dog.  It belongs to a species discovered in the cold regions of Asia more than two hundred years ago. In the 1800s, Chinese trappers realized the economic potential of raccoon dogs. Their lush […]

The Cockroach That Ran off with a Stick of Spaghetti

A friend recently told me that her aunt saw a cockroach run off with a stick of dry spaghetti.  I asked whether the aunt was in the habit of telling tall tales. My friend said no. Now I wonder whether cockroaches can really do this. If I knew the aunt was a fibber, I would […]

The Joy of Anger

I like to be right.  When I’m in a conflict with someone, I like to feel I’ve got the truth on my side and the other person is wrong.  What’s more, I want the other person to realize it. I’d like to lose my temper and have my adversary get all contrite and apologize. Anger […]

More on Blind Dogs

A few weeks ago, my 9-year-old beagle-chihuahua mix, Trudy, went blind from sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS)—(see my earlier blogs). Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time on internet message boards such as blinddogs.net and blinddog.info. Recently, a woman posted a message about her 5-year-old pug with SARDS.  She wrote: “He went from […]

Life of a Tick

The life of Mr. Tick (or Ms. Tick) starts as a single egg bunched up with thousands of others.  Once the mother has accomplished the Herculean task of giving birth, she dies. Mr. Tick hatches as a tiny larva with six legs.  This early in life, he can go without food for months, but eventually […]

Timex or Rolex?

Timex, hands down. Please understand, I don’t have a grudge against Rolex watches because I can’t afford one–although, at an average price of $8000, it would pinch a little.  I like the way the Timex looks–modest, practical, tasteful.  It doesn’t shout, “Look at me! I’M RICH!”  Also, a  Timex watch is not a fussy gadget. It’s […]