INFPs and INFJs are generally well liked due to their warmth and sincerity. They make good listeners, put others at ease, and are valued as friends and confidantes.

It’s Hard To Be an INFJ: The Author’s Personal Story

As a child, I felt like an outsider. I’ve felt this way most of my life.

Abilify®—Is It Worth It?

“Who wouldn’t pay a lot of money to recover from a severe clinical depression?”

Still Trucking at 81

To be 81 isn’t the same as being dead. That will come soon enough.

Blind Dog–Happy Dog after SARDS

In 2011, my 7-year-old dog Trudy lost her sight from SARDS (sudden acute retinal degeneration syndrome). I took her to veterinary specialists frantically seeking a cure for her blindness but there was none. At first, Trudy bumped into walls trying to find her way around the house. She got anxious and confused easily. I thought […]

World War II planes lead a civilian life

In 1952, I married a college sweetheart who joined ROTC and became an Air Force officer after graduation.  After qualifying for pilot training, he started flight lessons in the Piper Cub, then graduated to a retired fighter plane, the Mustang. After that he learned to fly the famous B-17 bomber. Training began at Gilbert Field […]

Drug Company Games–The Case of Prilosec vs Nexium

Drug company strategies keep doctors prescribing and patients buying high-dollar medicines.

Tanja Askani–Creator of the New Bambi and Thumper

Return of Bambi and Thumper Tanja Askani, a Czech author, photographer, and animal scientist living in Germany, has disseminated a series of Bambi-Thumper photos that have gone viral on the internet.  People find them adorable. When I received the series in my e-mail, I thought they looked too good to be true. They were. After […]

Disrespectful Kids—Body Language

Nonverbal communication experts say that body language includes facial expressions, tone of voice, and noises made by mouth (sighing, grunting, etc.) Nonverbal messages substitute  for words that people are afraid to use because of the consequences.  Even though body language is as potent as spoken language, we allow people to offend us with it when we […]