New Gainesville Ketamine Infusion Clinic

Florida Mind Health Center for Ketamine Therapy is Gainesville’s new—and only—ketamine infusion therapy center. Located just off Millhopper Road near NW Thirty-Ninth Street, the clinic offers revolutionary, fast-acting methods bringing comprehensive treatments for a number of resistant mood disorders and pain-related conditions—most notably, depression and anxiety. Many patients experience improvement after just one session, making ketamine infusions an option superior to traditional treatment methods.

Ketamine works by blocking a certain type of neural receptor from being triggered in the brain. Think of your brain’s neural pathways as a series of streets. Certain disorders and recurring pain make it difficult for the brain to repair roadblocks or potholes. The damage that may develop due to the side effects of traditional medications is repaired by ketamine. At the low doses employed by the Florida Mind Health Clinic, ketamine has been proven to restore healthy neural pathways in the brain without those side effects.

The ketamine is delivered by infusion droplets in a bag of diluted saline. Once the needle is inserted into a vein, the process is painless. The only effect noticed by the patient is a series of images noticed behind closed eyes.

An hour-long infusion is done under the constant attendance of a board-certified nurse anesthetist. The treatment is carried out in a private clinic room with the patient comfortably prone in a reclining chair. When the last drop of ketamine has been administered—the patient gradually returns to his or her normal state of consciousness.

Zohar Levites, CRNA, ARNP, MS, is the owner and chief administrator of the Florida Mind Health Clinic. He has been a board-certified nurse anesthetist since 2008. His previous medical experience, spanning over 20 years, also includes critical care, obstetrics, pain management and psychiatric care. The wealth of his experience comes from clinical appointments in Russian, Israeli, and US practices as well as intermittent mission work in developing countries. He is actively involved in academic research.

Levites has presented lectures related to anesthesia-related medical decision-making and anxiety management at international and national conferences. In 2014, he was voted Teacher of the Year by emergency medicine residents at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville. He also received an Excellence in Teaching award for his unique, trainee-centered approach to airway rotation training.


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