INFJs smile

INFJs smile

In days when it seems hard to be an INFJ, it’s worth looking at some of the qualities that come with this Myers-Briggs personality type. We may be only 1 percent of the population, but we have a lot of work to do in the world.

  1. Actively contribute to the welfare of others.

  2. Are patient and gentle with others but often hard on ourselves.

  3. Lead others quietly; not imposing our will but influencing them behind the scenes.

  4. Have an intuitive understanding of the motives and acts of others.

  5. Charm people with our intelligence, warmth and insight.

  6. Read other people’s emotions often before they’re aware of them.

  7. Nurture and protect people, animals, and the environment.

  8. Relate to others with compassion, always willing to lend a hand.

  1. Listen to people attentively; observe their body language.

  2. Value close relationships and nurture them.

  3. Seek intimate relationships as a way to connect with the world and grow.

  4. Expect relationships to evolve, not remain static.

  5. Are often quiet in groups, focusing on what’s being said.

  6. Avoid group activities because socializing drains our energy.

  7. Look for meaning and purpose in life.

  8. Live with integrity, always attuned to our value systems.

  9. Behave in a manner consistent in our ethical positions

  10. Can quickly separate the authentic from the fake.

  11. Are more interested in tomorrow’s possibilities than today’s realities.

  12. Are prepared to redefine our values as we grow and mature.

  13. When being creative, feel in harmony with the universe.

  14. Never rest on our laurels; look forward to the next creative process.

  15. While often quiet and visionary, are also productive.

  16. Focus on the big picture rather than the details of life.

  17. Trust our intuitive judgments over other people’s opinions.

  18. Avoid conflict unless the issue is important.

  19. Think and problem-solve logically and effectively.

  20. Think in images much of the time.

  21. Are visionary, almost clairvoyant about the future.

  22. Express our complex feelings and ideas eloquently.

  23. Are spontaneous and witty when relaxed; find the humor in everyday life.

  24. When overburdened, can easily burn out and slip into depression.

  25. Are considered colorful, sometimes eccentric, by friends and acquaintances.

  26. Often show a mischievous, daring side.

  27. Grow up wiser than one would expect for our age.

  28. As perfectionists, worry about failing to meet our full potential.

  29. Tend to be private and guarded about our personal sensitivities.

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