How To Catch the Man of Your Dreams

Looking for a man? Sitting at home wishing for a dream partner, doing the same old routines and not bettering yourself, won’t cut it. You need to get involved in social action, take classes, attend sporting events, etc.—go to places where men collect.

Below are twenty rules to help in your search.

  1. Be yourself, whereever you go. Don’t try to be cute and sassy if you’re not. Don’t try to be a femme fatale. Just be yourself.
  2. Get active in projects that make you a better person—political action, art, dancing class, learning an instrument, etc. You’ll be more interesting to men.
  3. Know your core values in life. Be selective about the men you’re interested in. If you don’t have similar values, a relationship won’t last.
  4. Ask a friend to find him. Your friend knows you best and will probably pick someone who’s suitable for you.
  5. Go on internet dating sites. True, there are a lot of misfits out there, but there are also a lot of good men looking for the same things you are. If you’re selective, you’re not risking much.
  6. Don’t be afraid to go on a number of dates. Keep them brief initially. Trial and error is how we learn, and that’s true of dating, as well.
  7. Don’t make fixed judgments about your first date. The first time out is nerve-wracking for many men, and they aren’t at their best. Give him more than one chance.
  8. Concentrate on presenting yourself agreeably. Be your most likeable self. Dress and speak well.
  9. Do a makeover. There’s no need for drastic changes. Just do your hair and makeup carefully and pick out an outfit that’s a blend of conservative and sexy.
  10. Be adventurous but not reckless. An adventurous outlook will be exciting to him. A reckless one might turn him off.
  11. Review past relationships for where you went wrong, and take corrective action in the next one.
  12. Be flirtatious without coming on too strong. Flirty moves will turn him on. Being brazen and overly forward will make him nervous.
  13. Be who you are right away. Don’t put up a false front because you think It will attract a man. Be authentic from the start.
  14. Take breaks between dates. Making a man pursue you and giving him the impression that you’re a busy woman are good tactics for attracting him.
  15. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Your dream man may be afraid of rejection. Fill the gap that separates you, but be subtle about it.
  16. Be willing to call it quits. If, after several dates, you’re convinced that the relationship is a bad fit, don’t invest any more time in it. The same applies when it’s clear that a man isn’t ready for a committed partner.
  17. Follow your gut feeling. Forget lists and consultations with others. Your gut feeling about a man is probably right.
  18. Give your all. Once you decide that a man is a good partner for you, give him all your love. No flirting with other men or playing hard to get.
  19. Make a decision. If you’ve never felt this way about anyone before, you know that the man may be your soulmate.
  20. Hold your man. Continue to look your best and act like a well-adjusted grownup while still being true to yourself.

Coming soon: How to Catch the Woman of Your Dreams

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