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The EZ Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous: Same Message – Simple Language


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ez-big-book-of-aaFinally, an Updated Version of the Big Book of AA for Today’s Reader

The EZ Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is a paragraph by paragraph “translation” of the original Alcoholics Anonymous—known to AA members as the Big Book—published by AA founder Bill Wilson in the 1930s. The EZ Big Book carries the AA message to readers who find the original text hard to digest for any reason. The language is gender neutral and embraces modern lifestyles. The references to spirituality are more inclusive. Worldwide demand for this modern language version, first published in 2010, has resulted in publication of this Second Edition.

True to the original text
Friendly language for any gender, race or religion
Easier to understand

What Readers Say About the EZ Big Book:

“The anonymous author of this work has taken a bold step by updating the language of the original Big Book, which has barely changed since its introduction in 1939.”
–John E., Ph.D., A.A. member

“Finally, a version of the Big Book has arrived that is inclusive as the program itself. The language does not assume that the reader is male or Christian.”
–Jules Cardello, LMSW, Psychotherapist

“The simple, direct language makes the message of the Big Book much easier to understand without any loss of meaning.”
–Dorothy P., A.A. member