Curfews for Men

In the week that Bill Cosby was sentenced to prison for sexual assault, Twitter posted a question for viewers: “Ladies, a question for you: What would you do if all men had a 9 pm curfew?” The question was raised by Danielle Muscago, a civil rights activist and public speaker. To date, Muscago has received tens of thousands of retweets in response.

Here are some samples:

Marjie Cunningham responded, “Walk through cities at night to see the lights. Walk through the woods or on the beach to see the stars and hear the ocean. Wear my hair down and not carry keys always between my fingers. Stop at an outdoor café for a peaceful dinner and drink. Read a book by lamplight outdoors.

“I would walk to my car with my keys in my purse and not spread between my fingers as a potential weapon,” replied Donna Champlin. “I would listen to music on headphones as I strolled and admired the streetlamps in Central Park.”

Cassidy Williams said, “Honestly, I would just walk around by myself listening to music. When I get into my car at night, I wouldn’t lock it as soon as I close the door.” Lorraine Gronan wrote, “I wouldn’t have to say,” Text me when you get home so I’ll know you’re safe” or say “Stay safe” when heading off in different directions after a night out. I wouldn’t pass every guy thinking he’s going to attack me, but I’d still have to be careful where I walk. Do guys?”

Luhlar wrote: “Geez…so many things. Sleep on the first floor with the windows open. Go running at night without fear. Walk to the corner store at night. Walk my dogs at night. Camp overnight at public parks. Walk to car at night without keys in fist as a weapon. Exist without fear.

Joseph Kraetzlias, a trainer who teaches people how to avoid sexual assault, asks both men and women the same question. What steps do you take on a daily basis to prevent sexual assault? The men typically reply, “Nothing.” The women in the seminars immediately raise their hands and rapidly list everything from pouring their own drinks to not jogging at night. They’re also careful about what they wear and where they park.

What do I think? In my opinion, males over age 12 should be required to carry picture ID at all times and be legally entitled to be on the streets only until 9 pm. After that time, special permission is required for both male drivers and pedestrians. Any male who violates this rule is taken to the police station, booked for a misdemeanor, and fined $25.00. The fine goes up with multiple violations.

What do you think?

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