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Johari’s Window

The Johari Window is a psychological model that was designed for use in self-help groups to help members become more intimate with their peers, while at the same time learning to become more honest with themselves. The concept helps people understand the extent of their self-awareness compared to how others perceive them.  It was developed in […]

The Blame Game

Are you prone to playing the “blame game” when something goes wrong in your life? Do you have friends or relatives who do it? There are lots of synonyms for “blame”—for example, “hold responsible or accountable”, “condemn,” “accuse,” “find guilty,” “assign fault,” or even “point the finger.” If you automatically blame your partner when you […]

Coyotes Everywhere

A woman in Fernandina Beach, Florida, says she is “very very” concerned about coyotes in her neighborhood. Just outside her bed and breakfast establishment, she has seen packs of as many as three coyotes, often mistaken for dogs. After one of her cats went missing not long ago, she keeps the remaining cats inside overnight. […]

Depression Profiles—INFJ vs. INFP

The Myers-Briggs types INFJ and INFP are affected by depression more than most other types. Both are Introverted (I), intuitive (N), and feeling (F). This means that they have a compassionate nature, see the underlying meaning of events around them and have trouble shielding themselves from the pain of others, particularly in the face of […]

1945—Paper Dolls and Radio Shows

I am thirteen. The rain streaks down the kitchen window. It’s midafternoon on Sunday, and it’s rained all day. Because it’s November, the short days make Sundays particularly gloomy. I wish the rain would change to snow, but there’s not much chance. Not until December. No one likes Sundays. It means the weekend is over, […]

1940—Fishing with Dad

I am eight years old. My father is at the kitchen table fussing with fishing flies in his tackle box. The pull-out compartments are full of colorful baits and lures, hooks, bobbers, sinkers, extra fishing line and a jackknife. He’s agreed to take me fishing on Lake Keesus today. “Get your galoshes on,” he orders […]

1944—The Jungle

I am twelve years old. Our back lot line on Garfield Avenue is bordered by trees and shrubs, tall and thick enough that you can’t see through them or over them. We call this strip The Jungle. One beauty of the Jungle is the dense foliage, with enough sturdy low tree branches for climbing. They […]

1944—Laundry and Lambs in the Basement

I am twelve years old. The basement of my house on Garfield Avenue includes a fruit cellar, laundry room, workshop for my father’s carpentry, and furnace. The fruit cellar contains preserves put up by my mother and grandmother—mostly strawberries, raspberries and other fruit picked in season—and nonperishable produce such as potatoes and onions. The fruit […]

1941—Attic and Basement Adventures

I am 10 years old. I sneak into the attic sometimes to light matches when my parents are out. There’s a big box of kitchen matches by the fireplace, so full that no one will notice a few missing. I can’t resist the thought of the match scraping a sandy surface and springing to life. […]

1944—Seven Stitches

In the right front corner of our big yard in Wauwatosa, a Milwaukee suburb, stands our house. A long cement driveway leads from the street, past the house to a bend, and then a right turn into the garage. On cold winter days when snow threatens, our car and most of the others on the […]