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New Gainesville Ketamine Infusion Clinic

Florida Mind Health Center for Ketamine Therapy is Gainesville’s new—and only—ketamine infusion therapy center. Located just off Millhopper Road near NW Thirty-Ninth Street, the clinic offers revolutionary, fast-acting methods bringing comprehensive treatments for a number of resistant mood disorders and pain-related conditions—most notably, depression and anxiety. Many patients experience improvement after just one session, making ketamine infusions […]

Curfews for Men

In the week that Bill Cosby was sentenced to prison for sexual assault, Twitter posted a question for viewers: “Ladies, a question for you: What would you do if all men had a 9 pm curfew?” The question was raised by Danielle Muscago, a civil rights activist and public speaker. To date, Muscago has received […]

Kids in Sick Bay

Days of convalescence from illness were something of a luxury for kids in my house. When I lay in bed with the mumps at the age of ten, I recall the curtains being drawn—in proper obeisance to a life-threatening illness. Although sickbay precautions were consistent mainly with my self-pitying attitude, the mumps siege was actually […]

Are Antlers Safe for Dogs?

Numerous veterinary sites on the internet claim that chewing on deer antlers can cause dental fractures in dogs. “Hard plastic or nylon chews, sterilized bones, cow hooves and antlers are too hard to be safe for most dogs,” says veterinarian Marty Becker. A British dental care group claims on its website that, in the last […]

People Who Steal Things from Cars

Who knows what goes through the minds of thieves who break into cars and steal things? Feelings of inadequacy? Boredom? Excitement? Here are their  hidden messages: “I don’t have the resources or skills to get things like this myself.” “I’m jealous of you for acquiring these things so easily, when I can’t. “I hate you […]

Are You a Problem Drinker?

Are you an alcoholic? Most people who are developing a problem with alcohol can explain away early symptoms. For example, if your parents have voiced their concern, you may write them off as being prudes or overly protective. Is your father a drinker? Your answer might be, “Yes, but that has nothing to do with […]

How To Seduce an INFJ Woman

The way that men and women express themselves in love matches differs widely. Much of the difference can be traced back to Myers-Briggs type. Some types are more sexual than others. Both INFJ men and women are intense and creative in their love lives. Let’s say you’ve met an INFJ woman and she fascinates you. […]

How to Attract a Man

A man feels good when he must work hard to be with a woman. It’s almost a law of nature. Watch nature specials! Notice how hard male animals work to get the approval of females. Bower birds are a dramatic example. The male builds a large nest and adorns it with acorns and other flora. The […]

INFJ Women as Lovers

The INFJ female is an intense, passionate woman. She is drawn to the opposite sex, but few of them turn out to be long-term partners because they’re the wrong type. Still, the woman keeps trying. If she finally meets a man with a compatible personality and finds him moderately attractive, the connection usually strengthens. The […]

Introverts at Risk

Each of the sixteen Myers-Briggs types is unique and different. Some types are outgoing and gregarious, while others treasure their privacy. Some are serious and others are fun-loving. Some are warm and giving and others are cool-headed and objective. A few of the types have similar descriptions. That’s because they have several traits in common. […]