Adapted Myers-Briggs Personality Test

For each question, select the answer that describes you best. If neither answer seems quite right, select the one that seems more correct than the other.
  1. At a party, which do you do?
  2. In what terms do you like to think best?
  3. Which is worse?
  4. Which do you go by more?
  5. What influences you more?
  6. How do you like to work best?
  7. How do you make up your mind?
  8. At parties, which are you more likely to do?
  9. Which kind of people do you like best?
  10. Which are you more interested in?
  11. When deciding if someone is right or wrong, what are you more swayed by?
  12. When you want something from somebody, how do you tend to be?
  13. When you’re going someplace, which describes you better?
  14. Which bothers you more?
  15. In groups you’re involved in, which are you more likely to do?
  16. How do you usually go about tasks?
  17. How should writers say things?
  18. Which do you prefer?
  19. When you have to judge something, how would you prefer to do it?
  20. How do you like things best?
  21. Which describes you better?
  22. Before phoning someone, what do you do?
  23. What is the main benefit of facts?
  24. How do you feel about “visionaries”?
  25. Which do you consider yourself more?
  26. Which is worse?
  27. How do you like to have things happen?
  28. What makes you feel better?
  29. When you’re with others, what do you do?
  30. How do you view “common sense”?
  31. Which should children do more?
  32. When you make a decision, which helps you the most?
  33. Which do you consider yourself?
  34. Which do you admire more?
  35. Which way are you more comfortable?
  36. When you’re with new people for a period of time, how do you feel?
  37. Which describes you better?
  38. How do you tend to view people?
  39. Which do you like better?
  40. Which are you ruled by more?
  41. What kind of work do you prefer?
  42. How do you like to have things happen in the future?
  43. Which do you prefer to have?
  44. How are you more likely to decide things?
  45. If you were offered two jobs, which would you choose?
  46. Which is more of a compliment?
  47. How would you prefer to be?
  48. Which kind of statement do you prefer?
  49. When are you more comfortable?
  50. When you’re with strangers, which are you more likely to do?
  51. Which do you trust more?
  52. Which best describes you?
  53. Which is a bigger compliment?
  54. Which are you more inclined to be?
  55. Which do you think is better?
  56. In relationships which is better?
  57. When the phone rings, what do you do?
  58. Which do you value more in yourself?
  59. When you read something, what are you more influenced by?
  60. Which is worse?
  61. Which describes you better?
  62. How do you like things better?
  63. Which describes you better?
  64. What kind of writing do you prefer?
  65. Which would you prefer to have?
  66. Which do you like better?