Open Letter to Verizon Wireless

2 July 2014

Valentine & Kebartas, Inc.
P.O Box 325
Lawrence MA 01842

Re: Verizon Wireless Acct 042434148300001

Dear Sir or Madame:

I am 82 years old, and I’ve been worn down Verizon’s contentious demand for $77.72—a penalty founded on their incorrect records and not my grievous intent to default.

Briefly, I bought a Verizon phone at Best Buy earlier this year only to discover that it was not programmable in my 2014 Mercedes. I returned it within the 30-day period after purchase and waited in the store for almost two hours while a salesperson cancelled the Verizon service and refunded my money for the instrument. Then I went to the Verizon office in Gainesville to confirm the cancellation of service. A Verizon representative at the office researched the matter and said, “Done. You have no financial obligation.” Since then I have received numerous bills and phone calls from Verizon asking for money.

Aside from my visit to the Best Buy store, I never used the phone.

A Verizon phone representative called a week ago to press the matter. Under no circumstances, I said, would I pay Verizon anything. It was against my principles because the bill was unjustified. I suggested that Verizon reimburse me for all the time I’ve invested trying to solve the problem in a civilized way. We ended up laughing but not compromising.

I wish to be clear:

1) I will not pay this bill. Ever. When I die, you might try to collect your $77.72 dollars from my trustees. But while I’m this side of the grave, you’re out of luck.

2) The threat of ruining my credit won’t work. I have a 60-year history of outstanding credit. It would be hard to ruin.

3) I don’t need your seal of approval for future credit applications because I doubt that I’ll make any. I have four happy credit card companies (whom I pay an average of $2000 at the end of each month, i.e., in full). I make all major purchases in cash (such as my Mercedes, new roofing, etc.).

4) I will no longer respond to any mail, e-mail, or telephone calls from Verizon. Mail will go unopened into the trash. E-mail will be deleted unread. Though it’s rude, I will hang up on Verizon callers. If Verizon chooses to spend hundreds of dollars wasting employee time in their efforts to collect $77.72 from me, it will be money thrown down a well.


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